Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Angels

I never believed in the Easter bunny. The concept seemed too weird, even for my overactive imagination. I knew the candy we found Easter morning came from my parents. Some years there was an Easter dress. Some years not. Most of the time their were things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, or a new jump rope. 

I know that my own kids adore Easter. Isn't everything exciting when you're a kid? They've been looking forward to it. I, however, have not. With my husband out of work, we're trying to spend as little as possible. I had bought a couple bags of candy while he was still working and figured that would have to be it. 

Last week, however, my in-laws showed up. My mother and father-in-law brought candy, new dresses,  etc. (and etc. They do spoil their grandchildren). My sister-in-law, a college student, had spent some of her own money buying them stuff for Easter. I found that quite touching.  

Then yesterday (Saturday) we get a bunch of doorbell rings. I thought it was the kids. About ten minutes later we find a note on our door. Someone had a left an Easter basket for each of my kids in the yard. What fun! They spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the toys and eating the treats from their basket. I'm still sort of emotional about the whole thing. I've wondered who it could have been that did that for us. When I asked my kids who they thought it was they both answered, "It was the Easter Bunnny!" 

Of course. That's what the note said. I never believed in the Easter bunny. But this Easter, there are Easter angels. Thank you.


Catherine said...

I told you, you got an angel at your side, maybe more than one. When someone acts kindly, it's always rewarded, he/she receives kindness in return. That's a beautiful Easter story! Better times have just arrived.

Damama T said...

It is truly the season for miracles. I'm glad so many came your way. Catherine is right - Better times have just arrived. I'm praying for it to just keep going!


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

How wonderful, people know your needs and step in. I know there have been a hundred times that I have known of a need and done nothing. This post makes me want to be a better person.

You should write a book called Easter Angels. Its a sign. I'm pretty sure of it. Have a rough draft by Wednesday. And chapters and chapters of the other book too.

Talked to Amy today. She is concerned about you, as I am.

Janet said...


You are an angel in my life. What would I do without a good friend like you. You are the best!

Laura B. said...

I'm sorry that things have been so hard for you lately. God does bring us angels when we need them though. You and your family are in my prayers.