Wednesday, February 3, 2010

God Bless the USA

I never thought I'd live in Utah. My husband always said that hell would have to freeze over before he'd ever willingly moved back to "happy valley--a place he'd hated as a freshman at BYU. (He transferred before he could ever become a sophomore). But move to Utah we did. To our surprise, we liked it. Loved it, even. We didn't want to leave.

I came to Wyoming with trepidation and uneasiness. There was no doubt that it was different. I had lots of worries. One thing I worried about was education. My kids had loved their school and their teachers. I couldn't imagine that the quality of education could compare to what we'd just left.

I met our neighbors on our second day here. I met their daughters. Two beautiful girls. One was returning to the University of Wyoming in a few days. She was a sophomore. And the other? She was leaving the next morning for college.

"And where are you going?" I asked her.

"M.I.T.," she said.

And then I remembered: this is not just Wyoming, it's America.

I haven't worried since.


Abigail Blue Jay Stone said...

Hi whirley,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I wish someone would come up with a way to add a gadget of comments on the blog in general... wouldn't that be nice, at the top of the page? Anyway, I enjoy reading your latest... Wyoming is SO gorgeous, and just think, you got out of Utah! I admit Utah is not my favorite place, although I am a inactive LDS. God Bless the whole world. your new blog friend, Abigail

farmgirl said...

I agree with your comment on my post. How did we miss each other in high school? We ran in the same crowd and never realized how totally awesome we both are...better late than never, right? Thanks for commenting, I always love them.

Camille said...

Don't worry, you will really love Wyoming soon. The charm grows on you. :)

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

This is what happens when I "shut down" and don't blog or even look at my dashboard for weeks--you write brilliant posts.

Have you heard anything about Writer's for Young Readers needing assistants? Me neither. Amy was going to send an email. Can you come?