Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let it WHAT?

Isn't he cute?

Yep. That's the white stuff. And it's a flying.
My kids got to use their snowman kit (I'll have to post about these later). They were so excited. I think it will melt. I don't think winter is here yet. But then again, I've been wrong before.


Kado! said...

are you Serious!!!!??? NO.FAIR!
...i would love to have some snow...so I could bake all day long in a yummy smelling house!! That is what cold weather is for..right!!??

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Oh my good gracious, snow? I'm whining that my basil got forzen and that I haven't dried the tomatoes yet and they may freeze tonight and you have snow? Way to have a great attitude! You rock, I mean it, I simply think you are the best. I'm going to try to have a better attitude about my life.

Felecia Moeaki said...

Holy Moly! Winter wonderland already. How are you settling in? Our ward is getting split on Sunday...sad. How are you? Miss ya.

Seegmiller Six said...

We're still having heat waves here! I think it'd be nice to have a little snow for a change, maybe I'd get to wear a sweater.? I've been reading through your blog- you are a great writer. I love to read your stuff! :) Keep it up! Tot ziens mien vriend! :)

Julia Hendron said...

No way! Gosh, Brady looks like he's in heaven -- kids too! How about you?
Miss ya girlfriend!

Damama T said...

WOW! that's all I can muster.. WOW! I need some hot chocolate just looking at those pics! LOL! brrrrrr