Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As a new Wyoming resident, I went to get a Wyoming driver's license. The routine is a fairly simple one, until January. (It gets more complicated in January). Now, though, in 2009, you only have to present an old license, pay $20, and take an eye exam.

I hate eye exams. An eye exam was the first test I ever failed. It was 2nd grade and I had to get glasses. I've had glasses ever since. Year after year, I fail eye exams and my prescription gets stronger and stronger. You can't study for an eye exam, you know.

At the DMV I looked into a machine. There were tiny little numbers in there. Teeny tiny ones. I could make out the first and last and took a guess that they went in order.
"6 7 8 9 10," I said.
I passed.
More little numbers.
Was I really supposed to be able to see these? I guessed. Half wrong, half right.
More little numbers.
"I can't read those," I admitted.
Maybe I can hire someone to drive me around, I thought.
The screen clicked. The numbers got bigger. I passed.
I drove home, passing speed limits signs with great big, bold, black numbers on them.


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I, too, hate eye tests. I renewed my driver's license this year too and I can hardly see with one eye but they don't test individual eyes anymore. I was so thrilled!

Have fun driving the wild roads of Wyoming.

Shawn said...

We only had to read one line and it was big---so I was happy....

Damama T said...

We will NOT discuss blind old lady eyeballs here. period. Except to say that God had a real sense of humor when he gave this old lady this set. I dread the day when my eyes get so bad that I lose my license. It will come. Hopefully not too soon, though.

Try to stay warm up there in cold country!