Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cake & Dreams

In college I read the poem "Questions of Travel" by Elizabeth Bishop. There is a line in it that has haunted me ever since I read it:

"Oh, must we dream our dreams and have them too?"

I'm still trying to figure out what, for me, is the answer to that question. Is it like having your cake and eating it too?

Today I got a phone call from a high school friend. We haven't talked in a while. (It's amazing how much more interesting your life sounds when you're summing up two years worth of living.) She said the one thing she admires about me is that whenever she calls to catch up, I'm always pursuing my dreams. Hmmm. Am I? 
I hope so. 


Catherine said...

Maybe, you're just like me. My own dreams often changes, they progress and developp itselves while I increase in maturity. So, others are convinced I keep pursuing my dreams too, but in fact they've changed, they're different.

Damama T said...

I love getting together with old friends, too. This makes me want to call some of the up for dinner. Thanks for the reminder.