Sunday, January 27, 2008

I have had singing

“As long as we live, there is never enough singing.”  -- Martin Luther

 There is singing in our house again.

 My husband has a bachelor’s degree in music. You’d think, then, that there would always be music in our home. In many ways, I suppose, there has. But for many years, it was sort of the begrudging kind. At certain times of the year, my husband would spend hours on the computer listening to snatches of choral arrangements in an effort to select music for his choirs. At other times, if he found himself humming a tune at dinner, he’d seem annoyed at himself for bringing his work home. It was as if teaching music for a living stole away his love of music and turned it into a chore.

Two years ago, my husband quit teaching music to try something else. I’ve missed going to his concerts. I’ve missed the music; my husband doesn’t even sing in the shower.

 A few months ago he started teaching our daughter piano and voice lessons. In January, he started teaching voice lessons to a girl in our neighborhood. Ever since, there has been singing. Two weeks ago he spent $58.61 on three books of vocal music. He brought the books home and sang through all the arrangements. I really should thank them for asking him to teach their daughter. Because of it, he is excited about music again.

Because of it, he is singing. 


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

How lovely. I wish I could hear the singing so I could really know how happy it makes you.

Maybe he will have private students and can quit said other job and just work out of a studio that you will build in the basement. How does that sound?

Damama T said...

What wonderful news. Music in the house just does something magic to the spirit of everyone who hears it. See - there's that magic thing again! ;o)

Damama T