Thursday, December 29, 2011

Intro: The Un-Bucket List

It is almost a new year, and I've been thinking. There has been a lot of loss since we left Wyoming. There have been people we knew who've died young and tragically. It has weighed heavy on my mind and heart.

I think I'm one of those people who sees the glass as half empty. I hate to admit that, but I think I am. Life has been different than I imagined it and sometimes I've resented that. Sometimes I've let the letdowns stand in my way.

Lately, I've seen lots of bucket lists. You know, the things people want to do before they die. Things like: visit the Eiffel Tower, see a broadway play, or scuba dive.

I have my own list of things: watch the Northern Lights, see a firefly, write a book, visit Havasupai Falls. My list changes with time, but those are some things that have always been on it.
I haven't done any of those things.

But I have done some amazing things. I've done some things that I've seen on other people's bucket lists, but were never on my own. I'm going to tell you about them in the coming New Year of 2012. I'm calling it the "Unbucket List." I'm hoping it will help me appreciate the path my life has taken, even if the path was never on my roadmap.


gaylene said...

cool idea! can't wait to read your list.

Wendy said...

Can't wait to read it. You are an amazing woman. And in reference to your "glass half-empty" quote, I read an interesting book a while back, "The Wife's Tale" and in it one of the characters says, "forget about the glass, get a drink from the hose and push on..." I loved that.
Miss you!

Heather said...

That sounds like a really good idea - I am looking forward to reading about them.

Brenda said...

I was thinking the other day how thankful I am for the new year.We can use it to change our focus and sometimes start over. It is a great reflecting tool, a wonderful time to set goals and record those goals that have been achieved in the last 12 months. I am so excited to connect with you!

Julia Hendron said...

I can't wait :) I love every word. And Lois Lowry too! Miss you friend!

Mommy said...

I love this idea. I KNOW that my life is better because you are in it. I think the world of you.