Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still Old Faithful

It was a dark and stormy night

It was a frantic and crazy summer.

It really was.

One thing we did this summer was go to Yellowstone. We didn’t go to Yellowstone to go to Yellowstone. We went because it was the shortest way between where we live in Wyoming and where our kids had a track meet—in Bozeman, Montana. But we did decide that if we were there, we might as well see the sights.

I went to Yellowstone exactly once as kid. I was ten or eleven and it was one of only 2 vacations we ever took. Since my Dad was a dairy farmer, we had to be back home in time to milk the cows that night. Old Faithful was our last planned stop. We couldn’t wait for the next eruption, so when we pulled into the parking lot my Dad said, “Everybody run!” The famous geyser was already erupting over the heads of spectators huddled around it. We were still what seemed like miles away in the parking lot. We ran, but by the time we got there Old Faithful was drizzling. It was only slightly more impressive than an exploding can of Sprite.

These days Old Faithful is less faithful. They no longer post schedules of its eruption times and I hear that the geyser is smaller. Still. It’s Old Faithful. The one on people’s bucket list. So we stopped. We were walking towards the geyser when sure enough, I told my kids and my husband, “Run!” There was the familiar spray of water obstructed by the backs of people’s heads.

After it was over I heard a man tell his friend, “Seeing that--that's a once-in-a-life-time thing, man.”

Or in my case, two.


rob said...

Your family vacations (now and then) sound very familiar.

gingerbairds said...

You truly are a writer. And I love reading what you have to say!

Shar said...

Hi! we're still unpacking and getting used to this new life. but it's fun. and i love being home with the girls. i'm glad you found me! how is your writing going?
mine...pretty sparse. i can barely manage to get dressed each day. let alone WRITE. but i'm trying to get it in there here and there. soon - every day. that's my goal.

farmgirl said...

Ahhh, the old "living on a dairy farm, needing to get home to milk the cows" line....I knew it so well as a kid. The farthest we ever got was Willow Flat to go camping and the boys would come back and forth, still is.