Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Really, Wyoming, Really?

Because I do watch Saturday Night Live, I give you my own version of a segment I like to call: Really?!! Wyoming, Really??. Except that there is no Seth, or Amy, or Tina Fey, or even Jerry Seinfeld. It's just me. And my rant. I'd even upload a picture, but its late. (And depressing, did I mention depressing?) So Here You Go:

Is it because “Wyoming in Winter” sounds so alliterative that you have to be snowing, again. I mean, really?

Or was the color “spring green” just too much for your comfort zone pallet of brown, tans, and sagebrush? Was that it? Really?

Maybe the state highway budget for clearing and plowing roads still has a major surplus. Or perhaps, being the 2nd least densely populated state, you thought that no one would notice. Or care? Was that it, Wyoming? Really?

Or were you just playing a cruel trick on the bears who’ve already come out of hibernation? It could be that, since you’re the last state alphabetically, you’ve not yet received the memo that spring began on March 20th! I mean, really, Wyoming. Snow again? Really?!!


Mommy said...

love it. We had a baseball game in the wet cold freezing rain today, so I feel your pain.

farmgirl said...

So....I take it you are not a fan of the snow in May? I mean, you were pretty vague--but I'm really intuitive so I kinda picked up on the vibe.
Here's to wishing you sunshine.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I have not only been a bad blogger but a bad reader of my dashboard so I didn't know you had written a bunch of teriffic posts. You, my dear, are a great writer. I am in awe. Really, I mean it. I love them all.

Red Head Family said...

so wait a minute you have now moved to Wyoming? Well at least you still can do what you love!

kado! said...

NY never got the "Spring" memo either...it is too cold and it's the middle of May already! Come-on!