Monday, March 29, 2010

Mr. Left

Yesterday, I was reading this article to my husband. It's about whether the person you are dating is Mr. Right.
"Isn't it too late for you to be reading that?" he asked.
Hmm. Probably.
"I don't think you're Mr. Right," I told him "You never listen."
"Huh?" he asked.
I read him Trait No. 1: He listens to you. I emphasized the words "genuine concern" and "consistently remembers." It suddenly occurred to me that he forgets a lot things that I don't. Mostly, the names of people at church who I think he should know by now.
"It's not that I'm Mr. Wrong for you," he said. "It's that I don't listen to anyone. It has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with my short attention span."
Hmmm. I moved on.
Trait No. 2: He connects with you easily
"I think our relationship takes work," I said after reading the section.
I read it to him.
"I don't," he says. "It's one thing I love about it. That whole part about being easy, natural, and effortless. It's that way for me. You're the one who stresses."
Maybe I do. I decided not to read the rest. At least not to him.
He wasn't listening anyway. My Mr. Right.
Or Left.


kado! said...

that is funny! Sounds like he LOVES you...I love that he said your relationship was natural and effortless! Ahh! husband remembers everyones names...I'm the one who always forgets...and it has nothing to do with not trying...sometimes the harder I try to remember a name the easier I forget it. I give up now and just tell people that I'm gonna forget their name when i'm getting introduced to them...I figure it's better to be honest and let then know it's ME...not them!

ann cannon said...

This is delightful. And what a great picture!!!

Mommy said...

Love it! You are the best

farmgirl said...


Shar said...

you are awesome! I loved this. And I'm sad we didn't get to talk more at the conference.