Monday, February 16, 2009

Chocolate + Love

When I was first married, I heard my father-in-law complain to his wife about the half eaten chocolates she’d left in their pleated wrappers in the box. He was very annoyed. Convinced that my new husband shared the same pet peeve, I vowed not to make the same mistake. So when we received a box of chocolates as a gift, I ate the entire piece. Well, pieces. Strawberry crème filled. Caramel pecan. Dark Chocolate truffle. I savored them, knowing that he would be glad I hadn’t bitten them in half, leaving my teeth marks in the chocolate and making the crème filled centers dry out. Yes, I was proud of myself—until he came home.

            “What have you done?” he asked me. “You’re supposed to just eat half a piece and leave the other half for me. That way, we can both try all the flavors in the box!” He was very annoyed. Sometimes in love and chocolate, you just can’t win.


Kristin said...

This made me laugh! Oh well, at least you can tell him how good they were!

webster said...

haha that's so funny! i was reading it and had to call jed on over for a good laugh!

Shawn said...

Oh, dear, I always bite into the bottom of the chocolate and then set it back down if I don't like it---then try to blame it on the kids.

It always worked.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

As you know, our chocolate box always had about three chocolates that had been squished or a corner bitten off. No owe wanted them and so they sat here, petrifying until Mom took pity on the family and opened a new box. Now we just buy a box full of See's Boudreaux and everyone is happy. Sometimes I buy half Boudreaux and half Butterscotch Squares. And a box of Molasses Chips. I shouldn't have read your blog. The fat just jumped on from thin air.

How many days until the conference?

Damama T said...

Sounds like your FIL was the one who didn't get it. All along your MIL was just being generous! Did you go out and buy another box so you could share with your Hubby?